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Violet Flame

It is not just a ray or beam of light; it is much more than that. I personally have tried its cleansing process and felt the shift in energies when using violet flame cleansing method. Violet Flame not only cleanses you, however, it also helps accelerate or enhance one’s spiritual development also. It can be used for different purposes such as healing physical, emotional problems and improves relationships. It transmutes the negative energy into positive, revitalizes & restores your energy field.


The roots of many diseases, negative thoughts and feelings lie deeper in our emotional and mental body states; here violet flame with the power of its transmutation and transformation provides us an easy platform to heal all these issues and problems. It’s a universal gift of source, which once you learn to use, will find it really beneficial in cleansing, transmutation as well as protection.


There could be times when you may pick up other people’s negative energies and thoughts around you, which may affect your auric field, so the moment these energies enter your auric field, they will start affecting your energies also negatively, so it is always recommended to keep your aura cleansed and shielded so you stay unaffected from energies around you that are not in your highest good. When you use violet Flame or invoke it, it is not necessary you see it or hear it, you may simply feel tingling, or positive energies around and like a load is lifted u and released from your body, mind, heart or soul.


Violet Flame is much intense cleansing method that can help you release and transmute the ties of past life karmas, experiences or situations you may be carrying as a load in this life too and that are holding you back from living a much happier, lighter and joyful life than you currently are living.

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