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The emotion code 

Want to get rid of your emotional baggage? Well, guess what, yes you can! 

but What is Emotion Code?

Throughout our lifetime we experience many emotions and some of these which have affected us deeply can become trapped within our energetic & physical body and affect our behaviour, perceptions, and our health.

The energies of intense emotional events we experience can become stuck in our bodies and can distort our natural energy flow. We can also inherit trapped emotions from previous generations, which can have an affect on our own lives.  This can contribute to various physical symptoms and discomfort. It can also contribute to emotional issues such as low mood and anxiousness.

Trapped emotions can manifest as physical pain or chronic health conditions, as well as mental or emotional symptoms.

We all have 'emotional baggage'  Many of the experiences we have in life create an emotional response, whether wanted, or unwanted. Emotions are made of energy. When we allow the emotions to be fully felt, their energetic frequency vibrates through us, and moves out of us. Events in which we experience “positive” emotions like happiness, excitement, or gratitude do not create trapped emotions because it FEELS good to us.

“Releasing trapped energies can make changes in how you feel and behave, in the choices that you make, and in the results that you get.” - Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder of THE EMOTION CODE®

The Emotion Code is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It is a simple and fast method, which aims to find and remove negative emotional energy from the body. It uses kinesiology, known as muscle testing to connect to the subconscious mind to find out where the blockages are and what they are related to.


The Emotion Code is a simple yet powerful tool of finding and releasing trapped energies and emotions from your body. People report of feeling lighter and calmer. Others experience more subtle shifts over time.

This work can be done from a distance or by "Proxy", which makes it even more accessible.

The discovery of the "Heart Wall" is part of the Emotion Code Therapy by Dr. Bradley Nelson. He realised that trapped emotions very often cluster around the heart creating an emotional wall. If we have felt deep hurt or heartache in our life's, the subconscious mind in an attempt to protect us, may build a protective symbolic " wall of energy" around our heart.

This wall is made up of trapped emotions such as fear, grief, and sadness. The theory is that it's a way of our system trying to protect us from feeling more pain, but in doing so the Heart Wall produces a barrier, which can prevent us from fully giving and receiving love.

What my clients are saying 


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