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Self love

Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Learning to coming home to yourself. The whole point in our spiritual journey is to remembering who we are at our core! By steps you will learn how to self love without running to every person and beg for their attention and love when you CAN actually fill your own cup by yourself and it feels so great and nourishment from your own soul!! Coming from needy and toxic relationships because i simple needed attention and love. So on my own spiritual journey i have learned that self love has its own principles and alignments steps in order to self love. I believe you should be able to fill your own cup without needing to ask others to fill it up. In this course i am teaching you to reclaim your self love back, empowering, confident and be authentic you without unapologetic about it. With practices and create new habits you are going find your surroundings will change as soon as you realise your worth. This course is in British sign language and has captions.

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